How can I increase my chances of success with my book and e-book?

First and foremost, you should define the concrete meaning of the term “success” to set appropriate goals. Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve for yourself and your title. Only after you have decide what is important then you can you develop a working strategy.


One of your goals might be to create a name as a writer. Many dreams of becoming a well-known or at least a well-known author. How do I get there? Ask yourself questions and look for answers: Am I present everywhere where my target audience is?

You may notice that you are not as active on social media yet, or at least not in the platforms where your readers are. If this is your insight, then it is evident that using an appropriate channel on social media is the goal to reach more potential readers. Maybe you should start your blog, website or record videos on YouTube to reach your target audience. Sky is the limit in today’s social media consumption.


If the quality of your book and e-book does not meet your readers’ expectations, you will not achieve success, no matter how much time and money you invest in your marketing activities. Therefore, you must take the time to make your book as professional as possible.

It is proven that the following criteria are particularly important: The content of the book and its theme, niche you choose, the book description, the book cover, the price and the most importantly book’s reviews.

Since the content, the book description, reviews and the book cover are the 4 most essential factors in choosing a book, as an author, you should consider hiring an editor and graphic artist to achieve success with the book publishing.


Don’t hesitate when it comes to investing in proofreading and language review, and it’s always worth the money. Reviews of your script on a professional level can go a long way. Proofreading ensures that misspellings and misspellings are corrected so that the confidence of your readers does not diminish. Studies show that texts with spelling or language errors irritate the reader and lower the readability.


The impact of the cover on potential readers is enormous. If the book’s cover convinces the reader both aesthetically and thematically, it arouses interest in wanting to read on the back of the book, either in the bookstore or with the help of a click in the online bookstore.

The cover should represent the book’s content, showcase the book’s genre and quickly capture the buyer’s attention. A book cover may very well be self-made, as long as it looks professional. If you want to be on the safe side, hire a graphic designer to design your individual and personal cover.

If you need a professional book cover design, we may help.


If you have succeeded in capturing the buyer’s interest with the cover, it is usually the book description that decides whether or not they will buy it. Do not reveal too much here and keep in mind that the text should rather arouse curiosity than tell everything.

Keep the description short and without complicated words. Feel free to use words and descriptions that arouse the reader’s imagination. If you want more tips on the book description, please check our blog.


Surely, the price also plays a role in purchasing decisions. Try to understand what your target group may be willing to pay for your book. Every book has a price, but which is the right one? You can orient yourself by comparing prices of similar books within your genre in the bookstore.

This tool may help you and save time to determine the best price for your book. Remember wrong pricing is one of the major reasons for e-books to fail.


Choice of high volume, relevant keywords is very important, do it right readers find and buy your book or it will see no sunlight at all.

Use keywords in you title (if possible), in your sub-title, book description, author description. Ask yourself how you best reach your target audience with your keywords and themes or concepts relevant in your book genre. A big advantage of focusing on more specific keywords is capturing your potential readers later in the buying process.


The more clearly defined the book’s category, the easier it is for readers and booksellers to find your book. That choice is used by online book stores algorithms while listing reader search results.


As in the book description case, it is also important to create interest and inspire confidence in author description part. What is important for a successful author description is background information about the author, the message, the excitement and the way of presenting yourself as a writer, it is part of your marketing that will also play a central role in part 2 of this series.

All the best, Melissa Mayer



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