When your draft script is finished editing, it’s time to finish the book and make it accessible to others. Of course, it can move over the phases and you can start thinking about this earlier in the process so that you are more prepared. But it is only now that you have a text that has been sufficiently reviewed for publishing.

Publishing options:

Should you publish the book yourself or send it to a publisher? Today there are many simple publishing options; everyone can publish their book. You do not need to pass a publisher’s approval, print more than a few copies or invest large sums. You often need to do the work yourself anyway and invest some financially. There are now many smaller players in publisher market that offer you cooperation and sharing the costs.

Self-publishing on online stores is also great option. Read our blog posts for more detailed information on best practices. You can also download our Indie Authors Checklist that can give great insights.

Marketing and launch:

Marketing begins long before your book is published, sooner you star your book marketing is better. Think about your target audience and where they are. Marketing on Snapchat to a young audience is rarely worthwhile; they are available on other social platforms. Create an author page on Facebook and start a blog, those are very easy and cost effective but can be very helpful in promoting your book.

Remember to start with the platforms you can dedicate your time. Social channels require effort, you need to create content, upload and engage with your audience. Launch and release parties are of course, important marketing and sales activity. Plan carefully, invite relevant guests, sign books and celebrate your incredible journey!


Books have different lifetimes. When the book is new, it is the hottest. Start selling already before launch. Don’t be afraid to talk about your book and have a YouTube video that you talk about your book. Your imagination is the limit on how you can promote your book.


The last phase of a project often enters a period of emptiness. You’ve spent a lot of time with your script, your characters and now you have to release it. It can give a feeling of emptiness, sadness and fear. Fear of what people will think and it will fail.

There is no magic trick here to overcome those common feelings you just have to keep moving. You continue to sell and market. You can now start to look ahead too, time to write the next book?

All the best, S. Kohen



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