Sometimes we get stuck in our writing. Maybe you already have your story ready, but need to fill it out with details. But you are in writer’s block.

Do you belong to those who are just waiting for inspiration? Or are you constantly exercising with ideas? No matter what kind of person you are, everyone can get stuck time to time.

The flashing cursor on the screen makes you nervous. The keyboard is about to become your enemy. You know about what is going to happen in your story, but do not yet know how to plan or in what order the events will come. The days are passing and it becomes more and more challenging.

There are so many distractions in everyday life that steals both time and attention. You may need inspiration and motivation to come up with new ideas. Planning and discipline is needed to get going with your book.


Reading aloud to yourself and others

Have you read your manuscript aloud, both for yourself and others? When you read a text, you become much more aware of small errors and the reading flow. You notice if something is missing from the text or if the listener does not keep up. Encourage the listener to question the content so that you can more easily understand what needs to be improved in the text. For you, as an author, the text is probably crystal clear, but the listener may lose the thread because of a sentence where something is missing or a sentence that is too long and complicated.

Listening to music

Is it always silent when you write or is there a noisy child around you? Often different emotions are brought to life with music and thus also inspiration. Try listening to different styles of music and see what ideas and feelings are emerging within you. Write them down.

Find out what classical music, pop, rock, blues, jazz, beats or folk music do with your senses. Memories may be brought to life, which you can then use and transform into text for your next chapter. Music is good for the soul and is an important source of inspiration. Maybe with the help of ballads, you finally get that romantic chapter or important parting that was missing from the book?

Going out in nature on walks

How often do you take time for lovely walks in the woods? The forest, the mountains and the fresh air inspire! It cracks in the branches as you walk, the bird’s chirp, mystery hides behind the trees, something comes to life in the silence.

All this is experienced when you are alone in nature. The imagination kicks in and help boost motivation. Climbing in the mountains to reach the top where a fantastic and breathtaking view awaits, is something that takes the breath out of most of us, write down your thoughts.

Change the place you write

Do you always sit in the same place when writing? If we do not experience change, it is easy for everything to become a routine. We don’t think about it as much and get lazy because we love our comfort zones. When we do not get new triggers that bring thoughts to life, we often lose inspiration, motivation and get no good ideas.

To seek inspiration, some writers rent a small cozy cottage in the country for a few weeks. Others may rent themselves into an office room. Not everyone can afford to pay to change places and it may not always be the best option. Have you been thinking about borrowing your friend’s empty room a few hours a week, going to the library, sitting in the park or at a cafe? Coming from home and getting new experiences gives inspiration and new thoughts.


When did you make your last trip? Changing the environment has inspired writers for centuries. It gives you a taste for other cultures, traditions, environments, thoughts, actions and different food. You are surrounded by new experiences and surroundings that give you a great boost in your writing.

Many authors seek new knowledge in a particular area to complete certain chapters or move on with the book. It can be a historical story where you need to research to make it credible. You do not need to go far or long away each time, but it is good to dare to try things that you do not know.

This arouses feelings that you may need to keep going motivated. We also often relax more easily when all the “must” feels far away. Plan your next trip to a warmer country where you will enjoy beautiful views or book a weekend in the nearest big city. No matter where you go, the experience gives you new thoughts and ideas that you can use in your writing.

Read a lot

How open are you to other people’s stories? Sometimes we focus so much on our text and become blind to others. Many good books and movies can give you new ideas. Of course, you should not copy, but it can get you in second thoughts and make you think in different perspectives.

It does not have to be a thick book of 500 pages, but it can be magazines, short stories, fact or history books. You should be open to others’ stories, even though they may not always be within the scope of your major interests. New literature opens new doors. They can be your source of inspiration. You can also share other people’s stories through movies and series.


The most important thing is not to give up and to have fun while writing. Inspiration, motivation and ideas are everywhere, but you have to find what suits you best to move on.

Sometimes it can be as easy as taking a break from writing and eating something, taking a short walk, going to the gym and then sitting down again with new energy. Keep in mind that everyone has, at some point, been a beginner or stuck in their writing.

Best regards, Sandy



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