It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about Kindle, Createspace, or information product marketing.

If you choose the wrong niche — you’re doomed! Seriously.

And it’s the main reason I decided to make my life easier when it came to niche research; KindleSpy. KindleSpy cut my research time by a factor of x30.

Now, in just a couple of clicks, I know what book topic I should investigate further … and which to avoid. A little more research in Amazon’s search marketplace and after (maybe) 5 minutes, I’ve got my next book topic.

Here’s the process I go through, step by step using the tool called KDSPY.

First, I’ll navigate to a category to start my research, let’s choose; Health, Fitness & Dieting > Beauty & Fashion.

I’ll pull the results from KindleSpy, and we’re faced with this; I’ll then look at the SalesRank on the right-hand side, I’m looking for the first 20 (preferably 40) results to be under 30,000.

This instantly tells me the answer to the No.1 question on my mind whenever researching a broad category, and that is “Are There Buyers In This Category?”

The great thing about KindleSpy is, you don’t even have to rely on the SalesRank anymore and wonder how profitable it could be. it’s already worked out for you.

The estimated sales and sales revenue is given to you by this tool, right on the same screen and if you didn’t already know, these revenue numbers are all monthly.

This shows all 20 books in this category have an average sales revenue of $1,590 and at 70% royalty on anything above $2.99 you manage to get into the top of this category. You’d be looking at a passive income of just over $13,300 per annum from a single book. Not bad eh?

Check this article for step by step process.

Even by pulling 40 results, our average sales revenue is still at $1,164, giving you a 70% royalty figure of $9,777 per annum — not too ‘shabby’ at all. So, what’s next? Ok, so we’ve figured out there are buyers in this category. Obviously, people are interested in not only looking after their health but their looks too. Makes sense, right?

And our average sales rank across the top 40 results is healthy too. There’s healthy sales revenue spread nicely over a bunch of books and not just a handful. There’s plenty of reviews on these books (… another sign of a healthy market) and if we’re to get a book in the top 40, we’d be looking at an average passive income of $9,777 per annum from a single book here.

Assuming you could maintain a top 40 position, consistently. Not easy. But not impossible either. Especially when you learn about the ninja tactics on leveraging Amazon, correctly.

Sure you may think you know about how to do free KDP Select promotions to get downloads, leading to a bump in sales … but, stick with me in this series and I’ll reveal the (evil) KDP leveraging secrets. Secrets that allow me to get results, like this.

The next question we need to ask ourselves … Once we’re happy with a category is “What Topic Shall I Write About Here, That Will Actually Sell?”

This will be the topic for one of our next posts.

Check this article for step by step process.

All the best.


Some of those websites offer paid listings and they claim this increases downloads 10%.

I haven’t tried so I can not comment, just try yourself if you want to.

All the best.

PS: Please let me know if you have a good alternative to add to the list.